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Welcome to PDoT – the world leader in printed electronic devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Printed Electronic Devices of Things (PDoT) P.C. company is an active company in the field of Nanotechnology, with a special focus on the by-design synthesis of Nanomaterials and Inks for Printed Electronic devices (heaters, thermoelectric generators, OPVs, sensors) utilized in various Internet of Things (IoT) applications (smart homes, greenhouses, etc.) The company has a strong background in the following:

  1. Synthesis of Nanomaterials via advanced colloidal chemistry, ranging from organic Nanoparticles (e.g. polymer micelles, hydrogels, etc. for bio- and sensor applications, Carbon nanomaterials chemistry and scalable surface modification protocols for production of CNT inks, Graphene oxide inks, etc.) to inorganic Nanoparticles (SiO2, ZnO, TiO2, Au, Ag, Fe3O4, etc. as powders and inks, as well as hybrids of core-shell structures at different sizes and with different surface chemistries)
  2. Production of nanoparticle-based Inks (scientifically otherwise defined as colloidal dispersions) in different solvents (organic and H2O mainly) with tunable surface tension (via proper additives) and viscosity/ rheology (using appropriate viscosity modifiers and nanoparticle solid content) towards proper formulations for various wet-chemical printing/ deposition techniques i.e. ink-jet printing, slot-die coating, gravure printing, spray coating, blade coating, etc.
  3. Fabrication of novel Organic & Printed Electronic Devices (Heaters, Sensors, Thermoelectric Generators – TEGs, OPVs, and Perovskite PVs) at low-cost and high throughput scalable processes, as well as process optimization via post-processing advanced characterization techniques (room temperature and cryo-SEM and TEM)
  4. Application of the by-design Fabricated devices (on rigid, flexible, and stretchable substrates) towards a great number of IoT use cases.

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